Sierk Coolsma

Mr. Sierk Coolsma, Sales Director Xebec Europe

Sierk Coolsma is a senior sales manager in the international B to B market with Over 20 years of experience in international telecommunications, developing new business relationships and managing regional sales teams, supervising employees in different locations in Europe, North America, Latin America & the Caribbean. He has worked for some years in Brazil, Argentina and the United States and speaks fluently the Dutch, English and Portuguese languages.

Sierk recently was hired by HyGear, a 20 years old Dutch company that was acquired by Xebec, the Renewable Gas company. He is there responsible for the sales of Hydrogen solutions as well as for the integration of Xebec sales teams in the European region. HyGear, the Global Hydrogen source, supplies innovative industrial hydrogen solutions, by combining advanced on-site generation technologies with conventional gas distribution methods, HyGear offers a more cost-effective and reliable gas supply. To further reduce costs, the Hy.REC technology can be installed to recycle the spent gases from the process.